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Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured methodology adopted by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to define the steps necessary to assure that a product will satisfy the customer expectations. The effective implementation of APQP is essential in reducing the costs of launching new products or managing the change to an existing product. ISP Software's On-site or Online APQP Training and PPAP Training course is designed to provide the essential knowledge of the standard along with providing practical implementation methods to assure compliance. This course is targeted at Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Engineering Managers, and Engineers. Additional applicable personnel within your organization should be determined by the extent of their involvement within the APQP implementation process of your organization. Please review the On-site or Online APQP Training + PPAP Training curriculum shown below for more details.

Online and Onsite APQP Core Tool Training Course Curriculum

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Objectives of On-site or Online APQP Training:

Effective Communication by the Implementation Team
Minimizing Quality Problems During Launch or When Product Changes are Made
Managing Timelines and Meeting Customer Expectations

APQP / PPAP Training Phases:

Defining the Program
Product Design and Development, Process Validation
PPAP Submission
Assessment and Corrective Actions

Identification and Planning:
Design Goals
Team Management
Preliminary Flow Chart and the Identification of Product and Process Characteristics
Quality Assurance Plan

Product Design Outputs:

Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Designing for Manufacturability
Prototype Control Plan
Engineering Drawings
Engineering Specifications and Change Management
Project Sign-Off

Process Design Outputs:

Equipment, Tooling, Gauging, and Facility Requirements
Process and Product Characteristics
Team Feasibility

Process Design:

Plant / Line Layout
Process Flow Chart / X's and Y's (Process inputs and outputs)
Process and Product Characteristics
Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
Pre-launch Control Plan
Operator Instructions
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Validation
Capability Analysis (Short Term and Long Term)
Process Reviews (Audits)
Team Feasibility Assessment


Production Trial Run
Capability Analysis (Ppk, CP, Cpk)
Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
Product Testing and Evaluation
Packaging Validation
Optimizing the Process (Managing Recommended Actions)
Production Control Plan and Sign-Off

Goals of the Core Tool Training Process:

Early Identification of Customer Expectations
Translation of Customer Expectations Into Product and Process Design
Validation of Planning through Implementation
Reduced Costs Through Avoiding Problems
Team Communication to Assure All Aspects are Considered
Minimizing Required Changes
Robust Product and Process Designs
Meeting Customer Expectations for On-time Delivery of a Quality Product with Minimal Costs


Our onsite APQP Training and PPAP Training course is offered as a two or three day event. Advanced FMEA learning sessions are scheduled for the three day event.


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